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At ExpertFlyer we are continually making upgrades to our program to provide our members with even more valuable services. So far, according to these ExpertFlyer testimonials we've been doing a great job.

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We couldn't have said it any better than the following ExpertFlyer testimonials do! The following ExpertFlyer testimonials clearly explain the benefits our program provides to frequent flyers and those who travel by air.

Subject: Thank You ExpertFlyer

Dear Staff of ExpertFlyer:

I just wanted to thank you for the service you provide.

I am an American Airlines Frequent Flyer and I have found your service great for finding award seats and upgrades on AA and its partners. EF has more than paid for itself.

Thanks for all you do!

Steven Baral

Subject: Thank you - once again...

A quick thank you - today received a notification that Z inventory opened up on a AA LHR/LAX flight - allowing my friend and I to travel together. Where else could I have known this inventory opened up - and grabbed the seat. EF - thank you once again. Great tools!

David Morse

Subject: Re: ExpertFlyer - Mobile Beta Follow-up

A story about the effectiveness of Mobile EF I wanted to share:

On Monday I am flying FLL-DFW-SMF early in the morning. DFW is a total mess, shut down for most of the morning. In route to DFW my DFW-SMF is cancelled so I am re-booked on a flight Tuesday!

I immediately go into "battle" mode, call up AA and fire up Mobile EF. I have AA get me on a late afternoon flight Monday, and setup "Flight Alerts" for the 3 earlier flights to SMF in both Y and F. As changes happen to the flight loads on the DFW-SMF flights, I get an alert a seat in "Y" on an earlier flight has opened up and grab it. A little later I get another alert a seat in "F" has opened and is available for upgrade.

Mobile EF got me to my destination only a few hours earlier and in F!! This would not have been possible without EF, and without the Mobile EF!


Carlos V. Conde

Subject: You were right on!

I took your advice, called AA and got the upgrade.
I'm extremely satisfied with your service and will highly recommend you!
I wish I had your knowledge in the past to help me in other unusual AA situations!
You're awesome!


Subject: RE: Flight Alert Notification from

ExpertFlyer ROCKS!!!! Thank you so, so much for incorporating such a fantastic feature into your program. You have made my Fianc´┐Że's weekend as she will now be able to spend the entire day on Monday with her family and friends since she won't have to drive all the way back to Nashville where flights were only available until now.


Mike Josephson

Below are selected posts from the thread in the American AAdvantage forum entitled "What's the main reason you use Expert Flyer?"

Lots of the information is available on I prefer the format on Expertflyer showing all of the fare buckets. It also allows me to check for upgrade space which you cannot do with - millionmiler

Trying to book a flight to Italy about two months in advance. Was hoping to upgrade with eVIPs. I was able to use EF to see C availability and eventually located the only Europe -> USA flight within a 5-day period around our desired departure date that had C availability left. I bought the ticket and called the EXP desk to process the upgrades. The EXP desk agent was shocked when she was able to confirm all upgrades immediately -- "That never happens!" she said. EF saved us two months of watching and worrying about whether we'd be stuck in coach for 8 hours on our way home. - Flyer23

Mom has a trip to India coming up in October. I mentioned that I might have some eVIPs to burn if she wants to come over to AA. (She's DL Plat.) And I was able to use EF to check C inventory and give her some dates where I could confirm her upgrade. Extra revenue to AA and EF, since Mom wanted to know how she could get access to that information herself. - Flyer23

I just researched a lot of complicated stuff in hopes of getting an award ticket to Nairobi and found the site to be invaluable. There are dozens of AA transatlantic flights a day, and hundreds if the dates are flexible. Knowing which of them had seats in advance saved me hours of dealing with people on the phone by narrowing down my options, and also helped me ask smart questions about alternate routing which the phone agents never would have volunteered. I got exactly the dates/times/cities that I wanted with about 15 minutes on the phone, rather than frustration. - bodega124