Announcing ExpertFlyer Mobile Edition and Connection Preferences

ExpertFlyer is proud to announce the availability of ExpertFlyer Mobile at no additional cost for our Premium subscribers. Just go to any one of the following URLs and log in using your existing Premium subscription Username and Password:


ExpertFlyer Mobile is designed for quick access to the most important features of your Premium service including Saved Queries and Flight Alerts. Seat maps are specially formatted for quick viewing and proper formatting. Even small screen "smart phones" with web access can enjoy ExpertFlyer Mobile.

In addition, we've added a new feature to both our new mobile and our regular "desktop" version for all subscribers. Now, when entering your Flight Availability query, you can select your connection preference. There is now a drop-down selection for Connection Preference to select one of four choices:

  • Any - Will select the best direct and/or connection routing
  • Direct/Non-Stop Only - Will select only non-stop and direct routings and ignore any connections
  • At least 1 connection - Will force the retrieval of only routings with at least one connection for potentially more options
  • At least 2 connections - Will force the retrieval of routings with at least two connections

These new options are designed for users to see all the possibilities for such things as mileage runs and award and upgrade availability using alternative, non-traditional, routings.