Announcing the ExpertFlyer Award & Upgrade Availability Tool

ExpertFlyer is proud to announce the availability of a new service feature: Awards & Upgrades Availability

This feature allows direct access to available award and upgrade inventory without having to know or remember specific inventory codes. This also allows us to facilitate additional award and upgrade inventory from more varied sources in the future. Both hidden and non-hidden award and upgrade inventory for available airlines are viewable through this feature.

For the existing Flight Availability search feature we have improved upon the inventory class filter. You can specify the classes you want to search for in a free form manner with up to nine (9) non-hidden classes. "FJYBKVS", "F J Y B K V S" and others are all acceptable input.

We are confident you will find these features to be a positive benefit to your ExpertFlyer experience. We are continually looking for ways to improve ExpertFlyer and look forward to your comments and suggestions.