Announces Flight Alerts

This function is only available to Premium and Corporate subscribers.

Flight Alerts gives you the ability to specify a flight segment with an upgrade or award Class code for the currently available airlines for which we make upgrade and/or award inventory visible. Please check for the current list here. You may have up to 20 Flight Alerts on your list at any one time.

The Create Flight Alert entry screen allows you to specify the flight segment you want ExpertFlyer to monitor for you. You may enter a segment at any time prior to departure as long as the flight is currently in the airline's schedule for the date you specify. Generally, this can be up to 330 days in advance of the date of departure. The Saved Flight Alerts screen shows the status of all Flight Alerts on your list. Once availability is found, you will be notified by email at all of the addresses you have entered into the My Account section. These include your default email address and up to two additional email addresses used just for text-only Flight Alert notifications. These can also be used for notification on cell phones, PDAs, pagers, etc.

If you are a Premium subscriber, we urge you to download the new Version 2.1 of the User Guide for complete details about this new feature on Page 8. You can get it here.