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If you're new to ExpertFlyer, congratulations on choosing the best tools around to garner important air travel information. With your ExpertFlyer membership you'll stay on top of what flights to take, the fares to pay, where to sit on the plane and how best to maximize your elite upgrades and frequent flyer miles. And, that's just the beginning!

Tour for Those Who are New to ExpertFlyer

If you haven't already done so Take the Tour of ExpertFlyer's features and benefits. It's the perfect introduction to help you understand all of ExpertFlyer's advantages. Thanks to a simple side-bar of categories, even if you're new to ExpertFlyer you're a click away from becoming an expert on all our benefits.

New to ExpertFlyer User's Guide

If you're new to ExpertFlyer the User Guide will help you navigate the site and assist you in getting the most out of your subscription. It clearly discusses the specifics of your membership and the steps needed to complete successful searches in each ExpertFlyer category.

You Won't Be New To ExpertFlyer for Long

You'll never fly solo when it comes to becoming familiar with ExpertFlyer. Our EduGuide provides you with strategies for using our information to your advantage. Along with our FAQs, tour, and user's guide you'll become an expert in no time. And, of course, if you ever have a question, regardless of whether you are old or new to ExpertFlyer , feel free to contact us.