Sit in Business Class while keeping the Business in business.

With ExpertFlyer's Award & Upgrade Alerts, get notified when the award or upgrade you want becomes available.

Imagine this: You're booked in coach, because your business needs to cut costs. You're looking at a long, uncomfortable flight when you log in to and set up a Business Class alert using our Award & Upgrade Alerts feature. Two hours before the flight you get alerted that the upgrade you want is available. You contact the airline, use your miles to upgrade your seat, and enjoy your flight!

Award & Upgrade Alerts are another part of our ExpertFlyer Premium package. Experience for FREE today!

Finding awards and upgrades is easy with ExpertFlyer's unique online and mobile tools.

ExpertFlyer puts valuable information about airline flights and fares (that you won't find anywhere else) right in your hands. Getting started with ExpertFlyer's basic plan is easy, you'll get all the features shown below and more. Plus, after your trial, the basic plan is only $4.99/month.

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Unlimited searches, flight tracking and more... even from your mobile device.

ExpertFlyer's premum trial offers all the features of the basic trial but includes advanced tools like saved queries, flight alerts and mobile access. Sign up now and gain access to all your premium features. Then, after your trial, the premium plan is only $9.99/month.

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  • Mobile Edition

    Easy access to all ExpertFlyer data while on the road.

  • Fare Information

    Get published fare pricing, detailed fare rules, and routing rules.

  • Flight & Seat Alerts

    Get notified when your chosen Award/Upgrade or Seating availability is found.

  • Saved Queries

    Store flight availability, status, details, seat maps and fare info.

  • Flexible Search

    Find the best fares by searching multiple date ranges.