ExpertFlyer, Version 2

ExpertFlyer is pleased to announce the release of Version 2. We listened to you and added many new features. Our subscription fees have not been increased, so we hope you enjoy the additional value.

For all our subscribers, here is what we've added:

  • My Account
    • You can now specify a default date format
      • mm/dd/yy or dd/mm/yy
    • Premium and Corporate subscribers can also specify a default currency and purchasing city for Fare Information
  • Flight Availability
    • You now have the ability to specify a return date for round-trip queries
      • For Basic subscribers, this will count as two queries
    • There is also the option to specify up to three airlines for a query
    • There is an option to restrict your search to only non-stop and direct flights
    • More accurate and timely fare bucket information for many non-US airlines (i.e. LY and TG)
    • DL promotional and upgrade codes E, G, V, X, and Z are now visible by explicity entering them in the Class box
  • Seat Maps
    • See seats which are blocked for Premium passengers on those airlines and flights where the information is available
  • Flight Details - An all-new feature!
    • Specify an airline, flight number and date
    • Get details on the scheduled departure, arrival and elapsed flight times
    • See the available meal service for each class of service
  • A revised Support section including an EduGuide to getting the most out of your ExpertFlyer experience and a revised User Guide

Our Premium and Corporate subscribers have additional features added to the service:

  • Flight Availability
    • You can specify your query to be only the departure and/or return date specified or you can specify a window of ±1, ±2 or ±3 days around that date
  • Fare Information
    • Specify up to three airlines in your query
    • Specify a specific booking code in your query
    • The ability to show all fares currently offered by the airlines specified or to filter the fare results based on seasonality and advance purchase requirements
    • The fare information screen showing your fares now has an additional link to retrieve Routing Rules for each fare displayed.

In addition to all these new features, we've given ExpertFlyer a new look and an interactive tour. We hope you like it.

For more information on all these new features, we suggest you download the new User Guide.

Thank you for your support. Have a good trip!