Flight Status - Screenshot of Flight Status

An ExpertFlyer membership gives you up-to-the- minute flight status information so you'll know exactly when to get to the airport without wasting time standing around waiting for a delayed flight. In addition our flight status information offers you current terminal information, weather delay information and so much more. Never wonder what's going on with your flight again, ExpertFlyer provides you with flight status information that will not only help you choose the best flight based on previous statistics but keep you posted on the flight status of your upcoming trips. (Flight information is not available for all airlines.)

ExpertFlyer's Flight Status provides you with the following:

  • Current status information including departure and arrival times
  • Delayed or cancelled flight information
  • Current scheduled departure time
  • Actual departure time (if it has already departed)
  • Current gate information
  • Historical TSA security line wait times
  • Ratings for a particular flight
  • Current baggage claim information

Airline Flight Status at Your Finger Tips

Simply sign in to your ExpertFlyer account and type in all the information you need regarding the flight status of your upcoming flights. It's that easy. And if you have our premium plan you can access flight status information right from your PDA, blackberry or cell phone with our mobile edition.

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