Flight Availability

Finding flight availability for getting from point A to point B is easy to do with the right tools. ExpertFlyer makes it easy for you to search for flight availability on a number of airlines, view fares for flights, check seat availability, connecting flights and so much more. Your membership makes your flight availability search simple and beneficial especially for the frequent flyer.

Basic Plan Flight Availability Features

  • Shows flights, times, reliability ratings, fare buckets and available connections for different airlines between a pair of cities on a specific day
  • An optional return date may also be specified for flights back to the departing airport
  • Up to three specific airlines may be specified, or none
  • Ability to search only for non-stop or direct flights and not connecting flights
  • Multiple fare codes may be specified

Premium Plan Flight Availability Features

  • Option to specify a date range of up to ± 3 days from the specified date for either the departure or return date.
  • Option to search for up to 9 mileage award or upgrade special classes at the same time

Flight availability is Just the Beginning

Imagine being able to do everything but buy tickets, all on one convenient site. ExpertFlyer makes it easy to go way beyond flight availability. You can view awards and upgrades, flight status, flight details, seat maps, travel tips, on-time history, fare information, and so much more.

To learn more about how you can travel cheaper and smarter, discover the ExpertFlyer difference. Subscribe today.