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We don't sell tickets. We give you the best information so you can buy your tickets anywhere, online or off. With our new Seat Alerts® feature, you can be notified when the exact seat you want becomes available!
Quickly set up Seat Alerts for the seats you want and get out of the middle seat!
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  • "Every once in a while someone comes up with... a new piece of technology aimed at business travellers that makes me say: "I wish I had thought of that." Expertflyer's new Seat Alerts® service is one of those."
    -- Mark Frary
  • "A quick thank you - today received a notification that Z inventory opened up on a AA LHR/LAX flight - allowing my friend and I to travel together. Where else could I have known this inventory opened up - and grabbed the seat. EF - thank you once again. Great tools!"
    -- David Morse
  • "I'm extremely satisfied with your service and will highly recommend you!"
    -- Terry

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